Independent Football Championships Set

Texas Trinity League is very proud to announce the lineup for the 2019 Texas Independent State Championships! On November 23rd, teams will converge on Toyota Rattler Stadium in San Marcos, Texas. We’ll have four games throughout the day, kicking things off at 10AM and the last game starting at 7PM. For more information on the teams, schedule and ticket information, please check out the Football Event Page.

“I’m excited to show our student athletes of Texas that TXTL is not just another league,” commissioner Larry Johnston said. “We’re putting on a variety of fantastic live-streamed non-league events this year for potential member schools and student athletes to enjoy as we prepare for our 2020-2021 league season kickoff.”

One thing TXTL has embraced is technology and the new forms of sports media in the year 2019. That’s why all TXTL events will have a live-streaming component and some of the best media coverage available today. Your athletes will not only be participating in an athletic event. They’ll be on a platform that will be put out for the whole world to see. All four games will be streamed live on November 23rd and also available for replay on demand.

“The best part of my job is getting the opportunity to see our student athletes perform and interact with them,” Johnston said. “Waiting was not an option for me.”